Scream -The TV Series- (Episode 8-10) & Season 2 Speculations.

I meant to have this up earlier but life and writing but in the way. What can I say? When the mood strikes then you've got to hit the iron hot. It helped since I'm literally a chapter away from completing my second arkest Nights book before I go and do some polishing. 

So Scream -The TV Series has finally ended and naturally there will be spoilers in this review. The finale was aired a week ago and now I'm left wondering where the series will go. Will Lakewood be tormented by a new killer? Will a new Sheriff come into town, see what's going on and decide to leave before he becomes mince meat? Well we have to wait until 2016 to get the answers so lets just focus on episodes 8-10 of season 1 before we talk about speculations.

I already said in my review of episodes 1-7 that I loved the show and felt it was just what the series needed. I still stick to that but it's clear that the show needs to be a bit less obvious about who the killer is and with its story overall. I'm not even kidding, I predicted almost everything that happened in the show. I predicted that Brandon wasn't the killer, I predicted that Emma's mother had a child with Brandon and given it up for adoption only to come to Lakewood to cause havoc.

The killer was Piper and it wasn't a surprise in the slightest. It just felt too obvious. I started to suspect Branson and Piper almost at once. I made the same "BranDON/BranSON" connection as Noah and thought it was something the killer would do and I felt that it was either going to be a "of course" moment later on or it was an intentional red herring. The moment Noah said what I was thinking I knew it wasn't him, only leaving Piper.

The best thing about the Scream films was that they were usually very good when it came to keeping you guessing...except Scream 2 with Mickey but the appearance of Mrs Loomis was a genuine shocker. Maybe that was what the show was going for because later it was revealed to the audience that Audrey was in on the whole thing! There had been clues of course. Audrey had the voice changer app on her phone (I still can't believe the films and the show really try to get away with this since there is no such voice changer that gives that kind of excellent result), Audrey had a photo of Brandon that was never explained and Audrey's DNA was found on the inside of the mask.

We were meant to believe that the killer had planted her DNA there somehow and Emma even said that she was suspicious because since Audrey had been taken into questioning she hadn't heard anything from the killer. Now this is clever because Emma is then convinced that Audrey isn't the killer and helps get her out of trouble, unaware that she actually let the killer out!

But not only that but there is something I feel many might have missed out on.

The timelines don't match. The episode Audrey was in prison being questioned was the same one where Will and Piper were "attacked". The killer came in, took a slice at Will and dragged him off while a "unconscious" Piper was left behind. The problem with this is that Audrey wasn't released until the night, meaning that there has to be a third killer! While the reveal that Piper was the main killer was obvious, the show is smart enough to try and lead you down the wrong road. Noah even questions who the one who attacked Piper and Will while taking over Piper's podcast and the camera is pointed directly at Audrey. You're meant to think it makes sense until you actually put the pieces together.

The last three episodes are dedicated to pointing the finger and trying to throw you off. Piper takes Emma to Brandon's mother who confirms that Brandon's son came along and his name was Seth only for Piper to come along and tell Emma that she went back because something was bugging her and Brandon's mother identified Kieran as the one who came to speak to her. Again I didn't find this convincing. I was convinced it was Piper and it wasn't until Audrey was revealed to be alive that I suspected her and Piper's "I have another surprise for you" told me all I needed to know. Audrey came in and shot Piper before she could spill the beans and expose her. It didn't make too much sense until you see that Audrey was being hailed as a hero for saving Emma who was being identified as her best friend.

Audrey hadn't killed for revenge like Piper. She had killed and manipulated Piper because she wanted her best friend back. Emma had left to join a new group so she killed the ring leader, Nina, and then killed her boyfriend Will. Some people are speculating on who killed who and I think I've worked it out.

Piper: Nina and Rachel.

Audrey: Riley and Will.

I think Piper was the one who pushed Rachel off the balcony but I firmly believe that Audrey was the one on the phone. The Scream films often had someone talking on the phone to keep the intended victim busy while the other killer snuck in. I think Audrey killed Riley because she was getting too close to Noah and she didn't want a repeat of Emma and Will. She wanted Noah all to herself and so she killed her. It is also pretty obvious that Audrey killed Will because Audrey was angry at Will for a) taking her best friend away, b) going out with her for a bet, and c) she told Emma that she wanted her to have more pride but instead she took him back. It was established that Audrey could take Will on earlier in the show during their self-defence classes and Will was recovering from a stab wound.

Now Season 2 Speculations. What do I think is going to happen? Well like I said, the timeline doesn't add up and implies that there was a third person involved and I don't think they'll be too happy that Audrey killed Piper. Does Audrey know about the third person? I doubt it and that it's going to be the storyline for Season 2. The third killer is going to want to take revenge and in a nice twist, Audrey might become the central figure for Season 2. Emma will still be there but it'll be Audrey getting the phone calls but Emma will be the main target.

Audrey went through all that to get her best friend back. We don't know if it's because she's in love with her, since now nothing we know about Audrey can be trusted. She could have only been in a relationship with Rachel to use her to her advantage. Maybe she just really wanted her best friend back. We don't know and that's why I think Audrey might become the main character in Season 2. We'll get to learn all about her and see her struggle with her choices, much like Emma had been in Season 1. Will Audrey tell Emma about her involvement to try and keep her safe or will self preservation take over? If Emma is no longer the main character then there is every possibility that she won't be the final girl.

I'm excited to see where the second season goes because it's what I actually wanted to happen in Scream 5. Back when I originally watched it and Jill was revealed to be the killer in order to take Sidney's role as the final girl I thought it was brilliant. As much as I love Sidney it would have been a strangely fitting end for her. The theme of family has always been strong in the Scream franchise and Sidney dying at the hands of her own family member would have brought her story full circle while leaving Jill to go on into the sequels, only to now be the target. I felt that it could have been a brilliant twist. We're suddenly forced to follow the previous killer and be torn on whether we wanted them to die or not because the new killer was slaying innocent people and we wanted them stopped.



If this is where Season 2 goes then I'll be very impressed and shows that the show can be smart in a totally different way to the films. Maybe Piper being the killer was intentionally obvious. Maybe it wasn't, but the possible misdirection the show throws you in at the end is what makes it work while also leaving it open to a new Season. The plan had been to originally do the show as an anthology series and I at first believed that was the way it should have been. I didn't see how they were going to introduce a new killer and have it work...

Only to realise that they already have.