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It was August 1st 2002 when Sally Watson was murdered inside her home. She was the first victim of the soon-to-be infamous killer known as the Jinx. The series of murders were horrifically violent and tragic- but they also made for good reading. They practically launched Debbie Harris’ career in journalism. But, like all celebrities, the Jinx developed a warped and twisted fan base. 

Fearing for her daughter Jamie’s safety, Debbie took her and ran away to the quiet village of Little Ivywood. It was the perfect hiding place…or at least it was until Jamie, now seventeen and a teenage mother, finds herself the object of desire of a brand-new killer and everyone close to her is either a suspect or a potential victim— but who can she turn to for help when even the police seem unable to stop a killer who can seemingly appear anywhere in the village without being seen?

Little Ivywood’s teens are dropping like flies and it becomes a race for survival. They’ll have to use all their wits and cunning if they want to expose the killer and make it out alive…

Release Date: 30/06/2020