And so it begins...

June 26th 2015. That is the day Darkest Nights - Awakening will go live to the world. That's only six and a half hours away as I'm writing this. It's a terrifying thought. I've been dreaming of this since I was eleven. When I was very young I originally wanted to be a game designer. Then I wanted to be a lawyer. I'm not sure why I wanted to be a lawyer. It was just something I decided one day when I was asked what I wanted to be. I don't think I really wanted to be a lawyer. I think it was just something I said to sound smart. I had watched a few episodes of The Bill and it seemed like a good choice.

Then I saw Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone and then I read the novel. I still thought being a lawyer was a good choice at this point but then I wrote my first story. It went unfinished but I got a buzz out of it and wrote several more. Suddenly I knew exactly what I wanted to be and that was an author. I've always been ambitious. Writing wasn't something I was good at and thankfully those early stories have been lost and most likely accidentally thrown out into the bin. Hopefully that's not foreshadowing for my future as a writer. 

My point is that I've been looking forward to this moment since I was a kid. I never thought it would be through self-publishing but I've enjoyed the experience. I developed the front cover with an illustrator, I found a great editor to work with and the experience is 100% mine. I even sent the book out for review! I know that's what you're supposed to do but as someone who is generally terrified of people hating my work this is a big thing! Imagine George McFly from Back to the Future. Give him better hair, a slightly sarcastic attitude from reading far too many Spider-Man comics, make him better looking and you've got me! Some might disagree with that statement but his words "What if they say I'm no good? I don't think I can take that kind of rejection" ring true to me.

I was never the best in anything at school and it damaged my confidence so all my stories were kept very close to the chest so only a few read them. But this is what I've always wanted to do so I took a chance. My first review was 5 Stars. Now I know that not everyone will like it that much but that's life. Everyone has an opinion and the world would be boring if they were all the same. Not everyone will like my novel but then not everyone likes Star Wars. There are people who can't stand Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones! But that 5 Star review has put me at ease. Someone actually liked my novel! In fact, they loved it! I got this review just after midnight and it brought on all kind of feelings. I wanted to shout the roof off and tell everyone but I was considerate and decided to post it on Facebook instead. The joys of modern technology am I right?

I'm even having a book launch tomorrow! My very own book launch! Booked a venue and everything! Again, I'd like to stress that I have been dreaming of this since I was a kid. I'm kind of in a state of disbelief. Much to my surprise... I'm not even nervous. I think it's because I'm making good on a promise I made myself last year. I promised myself that I would make 2015 a great year for me and that a big part of that would be by self-publishing my novel. It's not even the only book I'm releasing this year! I plan on releasing two Alice in Wonderland-related novels out in November to celebrate Alice's 150th Anniversary. I've even come up with a release plan for my planned novels! I sat down and planned how many novels I want to release per-year and set up rough time frames for them all.

Before it was always just a dream. Last year I decided to make that dream a reality. This year I have been focusing on that dream and tomorrow that dream becomes true. I'm finally going to become the author I've wanted to be since I was eleven.

Darkest Nights - Awakening releases on the 26th of June on iBooks and the 27th of June on Kindle. 

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