How many books are too many?

OK. I suck at this. My last post was in May 2016! That's almost two whole years ago! It wasn't even a conscious decision not to do anymore blog posts, it's just I found myself too busy. If I wasn't at work then I was writing. Since my last post I've finished Hush, gotten engaged, moved into my own place and have even had to go to work full time, meaning I have even less time to write- meaning I have even less time to write blog posts. If I'm on a late shift then I'll literally get up around seven in the morning to get a good four/five hours of writing in before heading to work. On top of that, I decided to completely rewrite the sequel to Darkest Nights -Awakening. I had the original draft of Ashes to Ashes completed before I Awakening even went live but when it came to editing the damn thing I just sat there in silent horror.

I had spent so much time editing and rewriting Awakening that my style ha completely changed. Not only that but so had my expectations of myself. I'm constantly learning and developing my writing. The plan was release Awakening, edit Ashes to Ashes while writing Hush. I hate editing so Hush was literally my way of stopping myself from taking breaks from writing. Edit a bit of Ashes to Ashes, reward myself with some gory horror, but in writing Hush I realised how much my writing had improved and how pretty much everything in Ashes to Ashes would have to be completely I figured why not? Originally it was meant to pick up four months after Awakening and the readers would see how much had changed. I was going to introduce new characters that had arrived in-between the two books with relationships already established, but it just didn't feel right anymore. So I expanded on the story- an extra six chapters to be exact.

But I had a problem. Aside from the brand new six chapters, I knew writing AtA wouldn't be as fun and not only that but it would take even more time now that my time to write has been dramatically restricted. I needed something to keep readers interested if I was going to have such a big gap between books. I knew what I was going to do straight away. My plan is that I'm going to write a short story set during the events of AtA before heading to book 3. It's going to give more insight to that particular story. So why not have a short story come out before AtA? It could expand on the story as a whole and even set things up for the sequel! It's what the Kingdom Hearts series did. You have Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts -Chain of Memories and then Kingdom Hearts II. Why not have my own Chain of Memories? And so I started on Ascension, a story focusing on Lucy after the events of Awakening. It was only meant to be a short story, but somehow it grew into a 70,000+ novel!  But that meant I was writing two Darkest Nights novels at once. I love writing these characters and I love writing in that world but I have so many ideas for different stories that I can get bored of sticking to one thing, and now that I'm working 39 hours a week it means I have a lot of time where my mind wanders and I come up with even more story ideas.

So to stop myself from getting bored, I started writing other stories: a young adult romance, a sci-fi adventure, a science fantasy story and even started some early chapters of Hush Part II. Somehow I had less time to write while having given myself too much too write! I always wanted to have alternative books come out a year or even in the same year. I want to tackle as many different genres as I can but with such limited writing time it feels like it'll either be many years before I get to some of the books I really want to write but then I have to ask myself if I'm trying to write too many all at once... just how many books are too many?