Writing Soundtracks

When writing I find that it's easier to get into a scene by listening to music. I think the first time I ever considered using a piece of music to write to was when I found Brian Tyler's "Death of a Twin" on YouTube. I'm a huge a film buff and gamer so I'm constantly listening to soundtracks so I started off with instrumental tracks but then I started watching The Vampire Diaries and found that I really like the music they used. The next thing I knew I had an instrumental album and then an album made up of songs used on TVD. Soon songs from MTV's Teen Wolf were added to the album.

Video game soundtracks have also evolved to include lyrical songs. My earliest introduction thing was in Final Fantasy 9 but the most memorable tracks for me were from the 2000's Sonic the Hedgehog games. Tracks like "It Doesn't Matter" and "Live & Learn" were replayed countless times on the game's Soundtrack Gallery and they were downloaded as soon as I got an MP3 player. These never fit with the tone of my stories but the DmC reboot had tracks from Combichrist that matched Peter's anger perfectly, so naturally they were added too. 

Because I have so many plans and ideas for future novels that I've even gone as far to set up different albums just for those stories. Like with my Darkest Nights series, each book or series has an instrumental album and a lyrical album and it's even gotten to the point where the majority of the songs on my iPod are used as part of a writing soundtrack and have certain scenes allocated to them.