A Darkest Photoshoot

Halloween! The time for ghosts, vampires, werewolves and witches! What better way to celebrate it than with a photoshoot involving all of them? Stylist Charlotte Munro and photographer Sanshine Photography joined forces to produce a wedding photoshoot based on Darkest Nights -Awakening, focusing on the love story between Lucy and her girlfriend Jordana. Charlotte came to me with the idea for the photoshoot not too long ago and I eagerly agreed to it. Knowing that the fantastic San would be the photographer only added to my excitement. It was strange to work with them because I was torn between letting them do their own thing and my desire for everything to be as close to how I imagined it in my head. I assume it's how many authors feel when they have their work adapted but I needn't worry.

The first thing to work out was which characters would be featured and although I wanted all five main characters featured, it wasn't a practical choice. When developing the mood board we looked at the promotional photoshoots for The Vampire Diaries, particularly those involving Elena, Stefan, and Damon, leading us to decide to include Peter and Dante. Choosing the models wasn't hard as I already had two in mind, Nicholas Illingworth was a perfect fit for Peter with his huge hair and blue eyes and Ryan Magee, although remarkably taller than Dante, looks fantastic in a suit and can pull off the modern day vampire with ease. 

What was most important was getting our two brides. Surprisingly enough, Lucy was also very easy to cast. Both Charlotte and I had the fantastic Alexa Taylor in mind for Lucy. The moment Charlotte suggested the photoshoot I pictured Alexa as Lucy. What was the difficult part was casting Jordana. Jordana's role in the book is minor, only appearing in a handful of scenes but I had a very specific idea of what she looked like in my mind. None of those we looked at fitted the look in my mind and we eventually came across the equally fantastic Samantha Peters. This was where my inner author had a knee-jerk reaction. Jordana is brunette while Samantha was blonde. There was no denying that she looked great and could take a photo well. I then reminded myself that Elena in The Vampire Diaries in the novels was blonde while Elena in the show was brunette. Not only that but I had recently watched a documentary about Scream where they revealed that Rose McGowan had dyed her hair blonde to contrast Neve Campbell's dark hair. Apparently having two brunette on screen together wasn't a good thing so I eagerly agreed.

I'm glad I did because Alexa and Samantha looked fantastic both in their solo pictures and together. San is an eccentric perfectionist. She knows what she wants and she goes out of her way to get it. When it came to dressing the models I told Charlotte that the characters each had their own two colours that are meant to represent them. Peter's colours are blue and white, Lucy's are purple and black and Dante's is red and black. When it comes to a wedding black is expected for the groom and his groomsmen. Peter an Dante are acting as Lucy's "groomsmen" but I didn't want Peter wearing black. I made a big case for that so it was decided that Peter would wear grey. Black isn't a traditional colour for a bride but with Alexa's dark hair and Samantha's blonde hair it made sense to make sure there was contrast between the two, so Lucy got her black dress while Jordana wore a more traditional white dress. Charlotte borrowed suits from Indivisual by Keye for Peter and Dante, Lucy's black gown from Chantall Mallett and Jordana's dress from Eliza Jane Howell

You can find the photoshoot here: http://bridalmusings.com/2015/10/a-touch-of-magic-halloween-wedding-inspiration/