"Hush" writing progress

To be honest I had planned and expected to have finished Hush by now. Having upped my hours at work I came up with a plan to ensure that I would have enough time to write daily. Basically it was just getting up really early and writing for four hours a day before going to work. I even took my laptop on holiday to France to continue writing. I wrote a particularly gruesome murder scene on the train out there and had my best friend read a certain paragraph to make sure it was gross enough. 

The look of disgust on his face made me beyond satisfied. I'm not even kidding. Knowing that I had written one simple description that caused someone to look so revolted gave me a smile that didn't leave until the next day. I had planned on writing a lot while out in France. Me, my girlfriend, and best friend had come up with a plan for the week he and I were out there. We would get up every morning, go running in the almost deserted village (it currently only has three inhabitants since everyone else died!) and then I would write in the French fields like some kind of cliché.

But that didn't go to plan since, y'know, we were in France and everyone wanted to go and look at the towns and...properties to buy to turn into a wedding venue. So yeah, there's a chance that I'll be moving to France sometime next year to help run a wedding venue in France. It's a bit weird but that's not what this post is about. The fitness plan didn't work out since it turns out my girlfriend overheats quite badly so the cardio was dropped and fancy stretching and push-ups were its replacement.  

This then went on after I got back from France, spending my writing mornings at the gym. So...my writing took a backseat and because of that I'm only a chapter further than I had been at the beginning of April. The thing is with my writing is that once I'm on a role, I'm on a role. I can get 4000 words done in a few hours so as long as I'm in the zone I can get a draft of a chapter done in a few days or a week so I really should be writing the final chapters of Hush right now and instead I haven't even gotten to the three scenes I'm most desperate to write because of how much fun it's going to be.

But what I've found interesting is just how...hard it is to write a slasher? I say "hard" but I'm not sure that's the right word. It's easy to write, but for something that's meant to be a horror novel the scares are spaced out for most of the book. Before beginning Hush I decided to read the novelisation of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. It was fast, snappy and eager to get to Michael's bloody rampage. Scenes between characters were brief, desperate to move the story along but Hush is really intended to be more similar to the Scream films and show than the Halloween films (although it originally began as a modification of my ideas for a Halloween reboot/reimagining). Scream takes time to build the characters and build the mystery of the killer, Halloween has its killer established and the characterisations, for the most part, are paper-thin. Except for its final girl, most of the characters are underdeveloped or just serve to add to the body count.

But even Scream moved fast, although it did take its time to have slow scenes to build its characters. Hush owes more to the Scream TV Show in terms of pace, which isn't surprising since the Hush is now a combination of my Halloween ideas and some of the theories I came up with when watching the show. Maybe it's because I'm not where I want to be in terms of writing the story that I'm a bit frustrated. I knew going into it that I wanted my characters in Hush to be developed, otherwise their deaths mean nothing. They just become a footnote in the story when the deaths are intended to scare and devastate the audience.

Then again it could be that I just enjoy writing the actual horror/murder scenes a bit too much and want to skip straight to them...