The Honeymoon Period

Strange title, right? 

It's all I could think of to describe my state of mind at the moment. I did it. I'm officially an indie-author! Not only that but I've received two five star reviews from actual reviewers! I'm an indie-author with two five star reviews! My book has been downloaded on iBooks over a hundred times! I was 3rd in the free chart for Sci-Fi & Fantasy and in the top 100's in the free chart including all categories!

I've even had someone tell me that they already want two characters to get together in later instalments! Someone actually "ships" two of my characters! It's all very surreal. This is what I've wanted for so long. I was at work when a co-worker said "over a hundred people have your book now. What does that feel like?" I hadn't really thought about it. I was too excited seeing my title climb the charts. I was so preoccupied with either checking the charts or having a family member text me a screenshot of what position I was in with "OMG!" that I never actually had time to consider what I was feeling (other than excitement of course).

That pretty much sums up my entire week. I've just been excited. I was never really nervous, even 30 minutes before the title went live, but then again there had just been a car crash outside my house so half the street and I were too busy watching the emergency get to work to think about anything else. 

I really hope that's not a bad omen!

I also had a launch party to celebrate the day the book became available. There was a Darkest Nights cake, Darkest Nights cupcakes and even a cardboard cutout of the front cover! Everywhere I looked I saw my name and the title of my book. I lost count how many times I heard "I'm so proud" and "I'm so happy for you!" that night and over the weekend. I even heard "oh look at you, Mr. Author" a few times from my co-workers. 

Now one advantage of traditional publishing is that when a book is published the author only has to concentrate on the next book. They don't have to worry about the advertising. They don't have to worry about spreading the word. The publishers do that for them. But I'm an indie author so that duty, like everything else, falls down on my shoulders. I had a few days of bliss. My friends and family showed their support and I was getting up to 70 downloads a day. But my book isn't free anymore. It's not in the charts anymore. After a few days, I need to work from scratch to get my book seen. It now needs to chart the paid charts and the only way to do that is to get it out there through advertising.

I guess you could say the honeymoon period is over.