I made a website! (you're currently on it!)

So it's 2015...scary how fast time goes. In 2007 I began my biggest challenge: I was going to write a novel. I always knew I was going to do it but I had never put that much thought into it. Everyone who knew me knew I wanted to become an author. I started writing my own stories in 2002 (not very well to be honest) but they mostly consisted of fanfiction (yes, the dreaded word!). I remember making a life plan for myself in a PHSE lesson in 2003 and I wrote "must be published by I'm 25". Well I turn twenty-four this year and I've had a finished manuscript since 2012.

I'm a perfectionist so even though I considered the story finished, I knew that writing it was not. Changes were made, scenes deleted with new scenes to replace them. Characters were given more fleshed out backstories and all my plans for future entries in the series were taken into consideration and foreshadowing was added. Now it was just a question of what to do with it? When I started writing there was only one way of getting your novel out there and that was traditional publishing but since then the internet has opened up brand new doors for wanna-be writers and aspiring authors: indie publishing.

eBooks have taken the world by storm and I was taken back by it at first. Anyone could just publish their own novel and make money? Isn't that cheating a bit? In Sixth Form I studied Media and we learnt about "We-Media", a term that means media created by the public rather than by an organisation. This ranged from documentaries, films, plays, and even novels. With this mind set I did research into traditional publishing vs. indie publishing and was amazed by just how little authors actually receive from their work and how their creative input regarding things such as the front cover meant little to nothing.

Indie-publishing literally gives the author 100% creative control in regards to their novel and because of that I decided near the closing of 2014 that I would self-publish my novel in 2015. In 2007 I took up a brand new challenge and this year I'm ready to take the next leap in realising my dream. The first step? Create a website.

You could say that step was successful.