Lee Ferrier is a British author specialising in Urban Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi. Based out of his home in London he has been writing for over a decade, and creates dark and gritty works of fiction to immerse yourself in.

A little fear is healthy and a dash of magic is enthralling.
— Lee Ferrier

Born in London, Lee Ferrier is a critically acclaimed author with numerous 5 Star reviews for his novel Darkest Nights Awakening.

In 2001 Lee discovered the now world renowned classic, Harry Potter, and the notion of writing as a career took hold as Lee discovered his passion fantastical worlds, and was inspired to begin his own journey as a writer and author. Writing novels in various genres, including Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror, Lee aims to transport readers to other worlds, sometimes darker than our own, often action packed and full of excitement.

Lee’s favourite element to write is character development, with his characters leaping off the page in realistic and often comedic conversations that every reader can relate to. His own favourite Authors to read include Kelley Armstrong, David Morrell, Peter Benchley and Alan Dean Foster.

Lee still lives in London, with his wife Charlotte and their menagerie of animals, who often make an appearance on Instagram and occasionally in a novel as well. Lee does his best writing with a cup of hot chocolate in hand and his Bengal cat curled up at his feet. You can find Lee on social media, where he loves to collect Celebrity Twitter mentions, and on Instagram, where he can often be seen in the gym training for his latest Comic-con outing.


To find out more about Lee’s current books, visit his book series page or why not check out his Goodreads for up to date reviews and book news.